Infrastructure / Construction Security Service

First priority response understands building Infrastructure or construction projects are always exposed and have a high chance of theft and vandalism and required high-end security. We offer professionally trained and licensed security officers, regardless of how big the area of the site is or the nature of the construction, we can offer as many security officers required or can provide security solutions plan that suits the site.


What to Expect

Our company manager will survey and discuss premises security risk  & threats upon meeting with the client to assess and create a risk management plan and will ensure security officers are well trained and aware of the site perimeter, tools & machinery, pieces of equipment, and entire security procedures required as discussed with the client before the first security shift.

 Our security officers are equipped with necessary security tools and real-time patrol monitoring software as part of their proof of compliance to match their job duties while onsite performing checks. Security officers will be monitored through several channels for his/her welfare and performance checks and our quality control officers will also visit the site to ensure it, which enables us for providing quality assurance to our clients.

Site security officers will escalate all minor and major issues that arise at the site to our 24/7 response centre straight away and a team of experts will guide them of the appropriate action accordingly to the situation. All security services will be tailored to fulfill the site and the client’s requirements.

What’s Included


All security officers will be well presentable with a Uniform and ID badge.


All security officers will be physically fit and strong enough for job duties


All assign Security officers are licensed and will have construction card.


All security officers will respond to suspicious activity and if required will back up with the nearest mobile patrol or quality control officers.


All security officers will maintain security logs during the shift and present shift activity report at the end of the shift.


All security officers will perform precise handover with the site supervisor at the start and end of the shift.


All security officers will be alert and vigilant at all time


All Security officers will constantly patrol the site perimeter on foot or by vehicle to deter any offensive activity occurrence.


All Security officers Restrict After-hours access unless authorized.

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