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First Priority Response has multiple channels to ensure we met the industry standards and the quality control supervisor is one of them. We understand how important it is for our security officers to perform and there are things which can’t just happen from the office that’s why We deploy quality control officers who will ensure our service is performing the way it has to be as per Our Standard operating procedure.

First Priority Response will assign quality control supervisor 24 hours 365 days a year. Quality Control Supervisors’ job encompasses visiting contracted sites in a planned and random manner to ensure our security officers are maintaining a high standard of services.

Quality Control Supervisor will also be attending the site in case of an emergency and assisting on-duty security officer apart from company managers.










First priority response service adopts modern technology for internal and external communication to maintain the security of the clients’ interests and to fulfill the contracted terms.

We set up the contracted sites with a real-time online tour monitoring technology system by installing NFC tags or beacons on assets or high-risk areas after approval from the client. Every time a security officer patrols and scan the checkpoint through mobile phone applications a notification is sent to the web-based application via cloud server instantaneous and our 24/7 response centre gets a notification in real-time about the incidents, events, or breaches. Our Response centre then directs the onsite security officer on how to eliminate or minimize risk on site.

All First priority response security officers will have an application installed on their mobile phones and manage their workload via a real-time monitoring app. This technology has multiple functionalities such as GPS tracking, alerts, SOS button, reporting incident along with photos, and patrol start and finish times.

Our clients can trust and rely on our reporting procedure as mobile-based application channels guarantee the compliance and quality control of work performed by our staff members. Additionally, the mobile-based application allows us to collect and store the information and data accurately for years. Here are some benefits of real-time monitoring app use

  • Quality and Performance assurance of the patrols conducted.
  • All reporting will be live and traceable.
  • Completely accurate and transparent information.
  • Enable us to detect any unusual activity in patrol straight away and take corrective action.
  • The welfare of the security personal on contracted premises.

 Real-time online tour monitoring technology system comes Complimentary with all security officers and mobile security services to every client.

24/7 Response centre

Our 24/7 Response centre is a centralized point of contact for our clients and security personal who have extensive experience in security operations and security risk management services. Our Response Centre caters to employees and clients and can resolve all security issues promptly any time of the day or night as our response centre operates 24/7, 365 days a year which enables us to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients.

Our response centre is a central location where our managers manage everyday operations as well as maintain and enact crisis operations for our client premises. All our security officers are trained to notify minor or major issues immediately to our 24/7 Response centre and a team of experts will guide them inappropriate action accordingly to the situation.

Our response centre will use best practices to identify, analyze, and support all incidents that either impact or are a potential anomaly to our clients’ business, the brand, and or employees.

  • 24-hour response centre
  • Help-desk facility
  • Lone worker protection
  • Constant integrity checks
  • Ad – hoc Request
  • Alarm response
  • Liaison with emergency response authorities.

Live Reporting

We are committed to the provision of detailed security service reports every morning or accordingly to the arrangement made with the client upon signing a contractor.

First priority response is dedicated to provide transparent and accurate information in real-time and to do so, we will enable our client to complete access to the patrol monitoring website for their related sites only. This allows our client to monitor all security-related activities which occur on their premises including patrol start and finish time, reporting of the breach including photos of it capture by our security officer, incidents, events, and facility and maintenance related issue.

In the situation of emergency attention at the site reported by our security officer, one of our expert team of 24/7 response center will contact the client to get further instruction to neutralize the situation. All information will be collect and stored for several years and maintain complies with privacy law.

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