Mobile Patrol Service

Mobile patrol service suits businesses looking for secure premises checks during night or day. Mobile patrol service can also be provided in conjunction with other services to further strengthen the security coverage when premises are more vulnerable and required extra security.


What to Expect

Mobile patrol services are considered cost-effective and flexible in comparison to static security officers, that’s why we offer mobile patrol services on a long or short-term basis and are able to assist our clients throughout Victoria.

Before engaging the potential mobile patrol property one of our operation managers will assess the premises liaising with the client to identify the key security risk and proposed security options to mitigate the risks.

All our mobile patrol officers are handpicked and go through a rigorous training procedure that enhances and eradicates the circumstance of a misfortunate or unlawful incident during their contracted site patrol and creates a safe and secure premise.

Our entire mobile patrol guard uses a patrol app which is a cloud tour system based on modern mobile and cloud technology. Once the patrols site has been contracted our management will install NFC tags or beacon installed at the site.

Every time a mobile security officer attends the site they will execute their patrol by specific checkpoints and real-time online tour monitoring technology app allows them to send SOS alert, Track, record the time of attendance and record events, and conduct and send security service reports to First Priority Response service response centre in real-time. These real-time reports will be forwarded to clients on agreed regular intervals.

Our mobile patrol system gives our clients transparency and confidence that the patrol has been conducted successfully according to their required standards.

What’s Included


All mobile security officers will notify any minor or major issue immediately to our 24/7 Response centre and a team of experts will guide our patrol officers with the required corrective action according to the situation.


All urgent issues will be notified to the client immediately and appropriate action will be taken to make the premises safe.


First Priority Response fleets are fully printed with warning signage and are fitted with a live GPS real-time tracking system.


All our patrol officers are accordingly trained to act as a crime deterrent and competent enough to detect any minor or major site issue.


All contracted site patrols are aligned at random timings to have an accountable pattern.


Site patrol visit history and the corresponding security service report (SSR) will be reported to the client as per the assigned timing vide the contract terms.


All our security officers are equipped with body cams (optional) and a guard tour app on their mobile phones.

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