Static Security Service

Hiring a security officer for critical security task and expecting him to perform as per security protocol can be hard especially when security officer is not trained for the duties expected from him, that’s when a private security company come in and fulfil the client individual requirement by providing well trained security officer who are capable to safeguard the premises from all kind of illegal activity.


What to Expect

First priority response has experienced and professional security officer on hand any time to the disposal of security matters. Our security officers are competent to perform multiple kinds of security job duties as well as maintains safe environment for both the employees and customers so they feel safe when they are at the guarded premises. All our security officers are perfectly trained to protect and handle any kind of situation such as theft, vandalism, or unlawful invasion which may pose threat to the premises and also act as deterrence against criminal activity to avoid any unpleasant event occurrence. All finding either related to security or facility maintains issue by our security officer will be reported to clients at the end of the shift.

We ensure placing our highly trained security officer on residential and commercial property gives our clients assurance that they are in safe hands.

What’s Included


Well presentable with company uniform and ID badge.


Physically fit and strong enough for their job duties.


Static on entry and exit point and screen the foot traffic to prevent unlawful activity.


Highly professional and skilled in providing magnificent customer service.


Alert and vigilant at all times.


Safeguard premise, staff, customer, and premises


Proof of service report will be deliver daily at the end of the shift


Lone worker protection


Equipped with real-time online tour monitoring mobile app and body cam (Optional).

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